Thursday, 5 March 2015

Work in progress - Day 4

Mignonette presentation boxes from the late 1800s usually contained a selection of doll costumes and accessories, so Rose will have her own micro miniature layette and toilette.

Inside the lid, the silk pad holds three different silk dresses with matching hats and bonnets.

On the left a pale pink silk dress with fancy silk buds and bows bodice with a matching dainty silk and lace hat above.  In the centre a long sleeved, drop-waisted white silk dress with pleated skirt.  Top centre is the matching pleated silk and lace bonnet, trimmed with pale and dusky pink buds and bows trim.  On the left is a dusky pink silk dress, overlaid with fine cotton lace and a matching silk and lace cap.

The dresses are all on tiny silver hangers, with a loop to allow me to pin them onto the pad.  
Even the pins will be decorated.....

Making tiny costumes like these, 'off the doll' presents a challenge, especially as they have to be the correct scale to fit the doll for which they are intended.

Tomorrow...... the accessories for Rose's toilette.

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