Thursday, 4 June 2015

Buggrit..... and then some!

I'd been feeling so pleased with myself too.

Nailed the annual accounts in just two days.  Also did a complete financial review and everything's ship shape ready to submit my personal and business tax returns next week.

So while I was in finance mode, I thought I'd get ahead of myself for a change and make a start on the spreadsheets for this current financial year, and do April and May.

It's a good job I did.

Hidden away in April's business bank statement was a transaction I didn't recognise.  A payment for a substantial sum which I'd certainly have remembered.

I hunted through all the receipts and invoices, checked my online transactions but couldn't find anything relating to it.

What particularly concerned me though, was that the payment was made to towerhousedolls.  Cue checking everything AGAIN.  Still no clue.

So I rang the bank.  It took a while to explain that while, yes, I am Tower House Dolls, no I didn't make that payment to myself.

So I was transferred to the bank's fraud department, where again there was puzzlement.  It appeared to have gone to somewhere in the US, they thought it might be Massachusetts. Had I bought anything from a company called Tower House Dolls in the US?


They admitted it would be an almighty coincidence and I was transferred to a higher level fraud department where I was subjected to a barrage of security and personal questions, which eventually seemed to convince them that I, or rather 'Tower House Dolls', was the innocent victim of online fraud.

So, all our business credit/debit cards were cancelled on the spot and I'm awaiting a number of forms and declarations through the post which I have to submit asap.

Will we get the money back?

Perhaps.  Pending 'enquiries'

*fingers crossed*
Buggrit  Buggrit  Buggrit!

Earlier this evening I received notification that the stolen money had been reinstated to the account.  



Jennifer said...

I hope you manage to get the money refunded.

Sandra Morris said...

I've just heard that the money has been refunded.
Sooooooo relieved!

Robin said...

Phew!! good outcome - but what a pain.

Marilyn said...

Great news Sandra! How lucky can you be?

Sandra Morris said... relieved but I don't think luck had anything to do with it. Once it was identified and confirmed as a fraudulent transaction the band refunded the money. It's now up to them to try to track down where the payment went. So they're taking the hit.
Rather them than me though!

Karin F. said...

I've had it happen too! So darned annoying. Not only did someone clean out my bank acct but they also cleaned out my overdraft.

When I went to the bank to report it, the person ahead of me in line was there for the same reason!! Presumably when the bank decided to update all our debit cards, an employee from either the bank or the card company must have thought they'd died & gone to heaven. Never did hear a peep about any of it and as soon as my money was refunded, I switched banks.

hugs Sandra & Pam