Monday, 1 June 2015


As a fully fledged member of the Tower House Dolls management team, Small Dog now has a seat on the board.

Well..... I say board.  It's more of a comfy blankie in her basket, which is her designated work area as she's not into hot desking.

Here she is earlier preparing for our monthly management meeting.....

That disgruntled look is down to the fact that she'd just heard that the biscuits were restricted to Rich Tea.  Not, as she'd been hoping, Ginger Crunch Creams.

The following is a transcript of the meeting....

Minutes of  Monthly Meeting of Tower House Dolls Management Team
Monday 1 June at 11.00 am

Sandra Morris – Partner & Creative Director
Pam Shallcrass – Partner & Director of General and Website Administration
Small Dog – Sleeping Partner and Head of Marketing and Communication

SD was called upon to report on the first few weeks in her new role.

SD wishes to have recorded the fact that under her jurisdiction the THD Facebook page has now attained the giddy heights of a smidgen over 800 Likes.  She claims to have achieved this by linking from her own FB page and actively promoting THD at every opportunity.  
SD proposed an incentive bonius, consisting of 1 gravy bone for every additional Like she acquires.

Following an animated debate, during which SD only took the huff once, it was agreed that 1 gravy bone for every 10 Likes was a fair incentive.

Duly noted

We then moved onto the main business, an overview and discussion of the new One Day Workshop Programme, currently in preparation.

SD suggested that she be in sole charge of 'meet and greet' for each of the sessions.

SM opined that if by 'meet and greet' she meant jumping around like a mad thing, laddering people's tights, then the answer was no.

Unseemly (and frankly undignified) response from SD, which the bounds of decorum forbid me to repeat.

Short break for tea and biscuits.  SD wished it to be recorded that Rich Tea biscuits are hardly suitable fare for an up and coming executive of her calibre but nevertheless managed to choke down half of one, plus another bit which fell on the floor.

Meeting called to order and resumed at 11.25

Brief discussion of logistics of workshops and the need for a FAQ PDF for the website, which PS offered to undertake.

SD requested to know WTF a FAQ PDF is.  She was informed that as this is technically outside her remit and she needn't bother her furry little head with such things.

SM provided the team with details of the proposed workshops which provoked a lively debate on whether they might be too ambitious.

SD proposed that if students got stuck she could sit on their laps as the act of stroking her would undoubtedly unblock their creativity.

Lively discussion of whether the application of a small Cold, Wet Nose might be beneficial. 
PS suggested that we do some tests with willing volunteers to test the efficacy of SD's assertion.

SD offered to do some durability testing on the finished workshop samples.  Offer declined.

Any other business - Small Dog's request for an iBone denied.

Meeting adjourned at 11.45 am.


debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

gosh small dog will soon have her own web site, be careful she does not pinch your ideas and claim them for her own. I consulted with Freebie, Mollie and Muppet and I have to say they did not think small dogs requests were not unreasonable and wish it to be noted that they are in full support of small dog and can be relied upon to agree with all her requests.

Sandra Morris said...

Freebie, Mollie and Muppet's comments have been noted.
Small Dog says thanks, especially if it means she gets better biscuits.