Sunday, 14 June 2015

One Day Workshops - update

Preparations continue apace for our autumn one day workshops.  

Having finalised the dates, we are now hard at work on the myriad details of each session, which we are determined will be A. MAZING!  Our inaugural sessions will feature a selection of unique miniatures, giving students the opportunity to try their hand at a variety of different skills and techniques.

Over the past 28 years I've taught many dozens of classes and I'm really looking forward to our exciting new programme and getting 'hands on' with students again.  

As is Small Dog, although in her case it will be 'paws on'.

She is also insistent that I mention 'Yorkshier Terriors' are hypo-allergenic, so our workshops are completely suitable for people with allergies.  Although whether that applies to Yorkshier Terriors with a penchant for rolling in 'fockspoo' is another matter altogether.

Moving swiftly on...... here is sneak preview of just one of the elements of one workshop.

Miniature travelling toy theatre cart

 Yes.... that's Small Dog on the advertising poster on the side..... *sigh*

The doors open to reveal..... a secret surprise!

Another session will feature this rather wonderful vignette....

..... which will be transformed into L'atelier de la Poupée!

Full details will be available during the summer so watch this space.....


Debbie said...

Love this Sandra. What a great Workshop it will be..

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Debbie..... I'm really looking forward to them. :)