Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Things that go bump in the night.....

Thanks for all the 'Get Well Soon' messages via FB and email.  It seems I have hit a groundswell of fellow feeling amongst others who have fallen foul of Norovirus.

Perhaps we should form a club... our coat of arms could feature a bucket, toilet roll, biohazard symbol and bottle of antibac gel.

Feeling incrementally better today.  At least my body has stopped trying to emulate a Karcher Pressure Washer.

Which is progress.

However, it's now doing a very good impression of 'Limp Rag Doll' with added pins and needle sensory overload thrown in for good measure.

Good old MS.... never knowingly undermined.

Anyway.... following on from my last post, and my fevered nocturnal imaginings, there have been some odd goings on upstairs.

Small Dog and I have a bedtime routine.  She waits patiently for me to do my ablutions, brush teeth etc.  I tidy up her blankies and she lies at the bottom of the bed till I get in, usually with my Kindle and evening meds.  She waits until I've taken them, and settled down to read, then she trots up the duvet and settles down by my side for strokings, before eventually heading off to her own little bed,

She has this thing she does sometimes, when she suddenly sits bolt upright and stares intently up into the corner of the bedroom, over my right shoulder.  I am always convinced she's seen a spider and glance up fearfully, ready to spring out of bed, screaming like a girl.  

There has never been anything there though (thank goodness) and I usually ascribe it to her simply pulling my leg.

Last night, after I had settled down, she suddenly sat up, jumped over me into the middle of the bed and sat with her back to me..... staring up at the top of the wardrobe.

*cue Twilight Zone theme tune*

The TV wasn't on, and there was nothing else to attract her attention.  A few seconds later, she lost interest and wandered off to her own bed, curling into a tight ball and falling fast asleep.

Sleep was rather less quick to come to me, but eventually I did nod off.

Several hours later I woke, to find my bedside light, was on.... low.  I had definitely turned it off.  Also my clock radio was flashing, the way it does when there's been a power cut.  It was odd that the light was on but I assumed I'd maybe touched it by accident in my sleep.
Unbeknownst to me at the time, PP's bedside light had also come on, although her clock radio was unperturbed.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Now.  It is entirely possible that it was down to an electrical fault, although both bedside lights run from different sockets.  We've never known them switch themselves ON before. And they must have done it at roughly the same time, as PP had awakened too.  It is beyond coincidence that we both accidentally reached across and touched them in just the right spot at the same time in our sleep.

It's a mystery.

However, putting everything together.... my fevered 'sighting', Small Dog's odd behaviour, weird electrical anomalies.... it's tempting to think that there is something strange afoot. 

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