Saturday, 31 December 2016

'Twixmas... Part 2

As  the reigning Queen of Procrastination (par excellence!) I find that there is nothing quite like a deadline to galvanise me into action.

My previously discussed self-imposed April 2018 deadline (which my helpful desktop countdown calendar informs me is now 477 days away) has certainly motivated me to get on with things and in the spirit of doing just that I am spending several hours today going through my gargantuan IDEAS store in order to weed out and rationalise all of the various lists I have, scattered throughout a slew of notebooks, files on my laptop, and last, but by no means least, my Pinterest boards.

I spend A LOT of time on Pinterest.  Browsing antique dolls and vintage toy boards, carefully squirrelling away any ideas with take my fancy.  I'm very good at it, as my many thousands of careful pins can attest.

What I'm NOT so good at, is revisiting them EVER AGAIN.  So for the next few days I will be attempting to correct that omission.  

It's a bit like clearing up in the workroom though.  

I start off full of enthusiasm with the intention of methodically tackling each cupboard, sorting through the contents, binning any rubbish, then carefully categorising and packing the remaining items in a sensible, orderly fashion, so that I will henceforth know exactly what I have and, more importantly, where it is.

This enthusiasm lasts for about 10 minutes, before I get distracted by finding something I never knew I had, or something so wondrous I simply have to play with it for a while.

Several hours later I can usually be found sitting on the floor, surrounded by the contents of the aforementioned cupboard, which I then have to stuff back on the shelves, higgledy piggledy, creating a worse mess than I started with.

This is a serious flaw in my character and one I'm working hard to eliminate.  With mixed success.

Half an hour ago I got out all my 'Ideas' notebooks and sat down at my laptop to begin the transcription/organisation process.  I got as far as setting up an Excel spreadsheet, naming it IDEAS!!!!  (and yes, those four exclamation marks are absolutely necessary!) and starting to organise the first few individual worksheets.

Of course, then I decided that I just had to write a blog post to accompany the activity, so here I am.  Sitting in front of half a dozen notebooks, assorted printed sheets etc.  And instead of actually DOING the thing, I'm WRITING about it!



Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" said...

Este Año Nuevo, te organizaras, seguro..¡Feliz 2017!

DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

Your post had my laughing. I feel as if I've spent most of my life "organizing". I'm now going with the word, "purging", although I doubt if I'll be going through my 25,000 photos in iphoto very soon. I'm sure I'll be needing them "someday", haha.

Elizabeth S said...

I feel you pain!
Full of good intentions but very easily distracted- That's me too! :/

Kathy Moore said...

Boy, did I know just what you meant when you said you were so distracted by something that you had forgotten about that you just had to play with it for a while! That personality disorder is responsible for most of my started and unfinished projects. LOL! Good luck this time.