Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Animal crackers.....

Alongside the eleventy million other things on my various 'To Do' lists, is the continuing sorting through of my workroom, with serious downsizing in mind.

I have boxes and boxes of miniatures to go through, listing what I want to keep and what I'm prepared to part with.  

As I'd had a reasonably productive day yesterday, I decided to allow myself a small treat in the form of making up a little kit I had found and, after much deliberation, wanted to keep.  I've had it for more years than I care to admit and although I'd often perused it, the memory of an earlier, similar kit always gave me pause for thought.

Plus there was this.....

I'm not normally put off by degrees of difficulty, but when I'd dallied with designing a boxed set of Christmas crackers a while ago, they drove me half demented.

If you've ever made tiny 1/12th scale crackers you'll know EXACTLY what I mean.  They're fiddly, tricky little buggers.  It's bad enough having to make one, but a set of SIX?

Anyways.... I buckled down to 'enjoy' my 'treat' and after a modicum of muttering and a soup├žon  of swearing I finally finished.

The rather lovely vintage box was the easy part....
Tah Dah!!!!

Despite my misgivings I was rather pleased with how they turned out.  Although the one at the end is a bit misshapen due to being dropped on the floor and getting squashed under my chair wheel.

I left them in my little photography light cube while I did a spot of tidying up in my seemingly always chaotic workroom and when I looked again......

Me: *accusingly* And what exactly are you two up to?
Smallest Small Dog: *enigmatically* Who?  Us?
Me: Yes you.  Leave those crackers alone.  The glue is still drying.  And why are you wearing that ridiculous disguise SSD?
SSD: *deflated* Sie.... ai thort yue woodent rekognize me.
Me: Hmmm.... so what are you up to?  Apart from no good.
SSD: *defiantly* Nuthing.  Just owt and abowt for an eevnin konstitewshanul.

I was unconvinced, but it was time for dinner so I left the camera set up on automatic shooting......

Psssst.... she's gone.  Quick SSD.....

Blimey, it's heavier than I thought!

Allez oop.... right tuck it under your tail. Quick SSD... let's hot paw it out of here

Phew..... back home safely and she doesn't suspect a thing.


Elizabeth S said...

This was such a Treat to read! I love the Smallest Small Dog and the house mouse/rat? filching the Christmas Cracker. :D
I have made tiny crackers in the past and I dove into it thinking how hard can it be? Hours later I ended up frustrated and disillusioned by the entire process, so I am Really Impressed by yours and that you've made 6 AND they all look good which could not be said of any of mine -
so Bravo! :D

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Elizabeth.....
Yes, I don't know what came over me. Suffice to say I won't be making any more crackers again.
SSD's best friend is a rat, called Archimedes. As she is a boney fido ratting terrior this is an unlikely alliance, but it seems to work. ;)