Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Discontinued kits....

Firstly, thanks to everyone who took the time to let me know which projects from my forthcoming book you'd like to see made available as kits.  Your feedback and comments are much appreciated and I've now collated all the information into a handy dandy spreadsheet for further perusal.

It really feels as though my downsizing exercise is gaining momentum.  Alongside downsizing my personal miniature collection, books, toymaking tools and materials etc, I have now discontinued the majority of my current range of toy and games kits.

From today, all discontinued kits currently in stock are now listed on the website at discounted prices.... there are only 1 of some, no more than 8 of any, and when they're gone I won't be making any more.  I thought I'd feel very sad at losing the toys and games aspect of what I create, but I'm all about steamlining at the moment, so they have to go.  Having taken the decision I now feel strangely liberated!

Also, in the run up to Christmas, I will be listing the last of my handmade miniature porcelain toys, games and playthings... I won't be making any more of those either.

I've thoroughly enjoyed the research, design and creative processes which went into all of my mini toys, but as of next year I will be taking a different miniature path and concentrating primarily on my first love, tiny toy dolls.

Over the course of my 30 years as a miniature artisan, I've always been happiest when creating microdolls...  between a truly diminutive 1" and merely tiny 2" tall.  My idea of heaven is to spend an entire day dreaming up unusual characters, or working out how to miniaturise interesting  historical costumes in such a tiny scale.

Yes, they're challenging and yes, they can be incredibly frustrating, but I can't think of any better way I'd like to spend my remaining time in miniatures before I finally hang up my dollmaking apron. 

Don't you just love it when a plan starts to come together...... ?


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