Monday, 30 October 2017


While working on the book last week I was lured down a scenic byway into creating a design to print onto silk to make a tiny Georgian costume similar to this....

Whether it will work or not remains to be seen, but after the hours of work I've already put into it, I do hope so.  Printing onto Habotai silk is a tricky proposition so it will probably take several attempts to get exactly right.

Still undecided about whether to include a Georgian man doll costume in the book... male costumes in such a tiny scale are beyond challenging but I feel he would complement her rather well.

I'm also undecided about whether to produce kits to accompany the book... only a handful of the featured doll projects have ever been available as kits over the years and kits are tricky to get just right as well as being extremely time consuming.

So my question is this....below is a list of doll projects which are to be included in my book, for which I haven't ever produced an accompanying kit.

Which, if any, would you like to see available as a kit?

  • Jumeau-style silk and lace dress
  • Elaborate Victorian bride
  • Georgian lady doll
  • Georgian man doll
  • Regency lady doll
  • French Fashion Lady
  • Victorian Peddler Doll
  • Vintage China Doll
  • Sailor costume dolls (boy and girl)
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Cinderella and her Ugly Sisters
  • Prince Charming
  • Christmas-themed dolls
  • Little Bo-Peep
  • Frankendolls (dressed animal dolls)
  • Automaton Music Box
  • Toy Doll in Trunk
  • Mignonette Doll in Presentation Box (with costumes and accessories)
Please leave your comment either directly on this post, or contact me.

Thanks! 😊


Kristen Strand said...

Too many choices, I'd be tempted by them all. However I tend to favor fashion dolls and am frustrated by the scarcity of matching gents. The gown you posted is incredible and should you decide to pursue a kit I would purchase it, even though I doubt my skill to execute it to my satisfaction... wow!

elly in amsterdam said...

Sailor costume doll

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Kristen and Elly....

Thanks for the feedback :)
I'm just trying to gauge the level of interest before I commit to many, many hours of kit design and preparation.

Winnie said...

Sailor costume for me too!

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Winnie :)

NarinaNäpertää said...

So many to choose from...
For me the most interesting from the list would be;

Frankendolls (dressed animal dolls) - definitely this first cause I love everything witchy and Halloween themed :)
Victorian Peddler Doll
Christmas-themed dolls
and both Prince Charming and Georgian man doll

Hugs, Irina

Elizabeth S said...

I also like the sailor costumed dolls, doll in a trunk, and Little Bo Peep with a sheep ;D

Megan Wallace said...

Frankendolls, anything that includes a toy for a doll, and fantasy/fairy tale dolls always fascinate me. However, with the huge stash of supplies I've hoarded over the years, I am looking forward to the book simply for the opportunity to match my materials to some of the projects.