Sunday, 29 March 2020

Called to account.....

Well.... it's taken me ALL DAY, but on the stroke of 5.30pm I finished the annual accounts up to today's date.  So just another week's transactions to go and they'll be finalised.

I have never, in the history of ever, completed the accounts on the final day of the tax year.  I don't think you realise just how momentous this is.

I can hardly believe it myself!

Now I'm going to pour myself a large G+T and sprawl on the sofa for a short while, basking in the unfamiliar sensation of being ahead of the game.

*shuffles off to the kitchen, still shaking head in disbelief*


Penelope said...


Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Penelope!
I feel as though I've won the Nobel Prize for Accounts! :O

PP (Pam) said...

Not just any gin, but GORDON'S SICILIAN LEMON GIN. It is amazing! ;-)

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Sandra. You have almost inspired me to start on my accounts. I say almost..I think I may just go straight for the gin! Hope you are all ok. Celia X

Sandra Morris said...

Hi Celia,
Yes, gin is definitely called for! We're all ok.. hope you are too :) Sxx