Wednesday, 13 January 2021

That's Amore......

That old Dean Martin classic from the 1950s has been playing on an endless loop in my head ever since I was invited to participate in Miniaturitalia.... the premier Italian online miniature show.  There has been a proliferation of online shows in the past year, due to the cancellation of most of them.  I've been a long-time exhibitor at the US-based Mini Miniature Show, which has been running for many years.  Last year, KDF went online for their showcase and I exhibited virtually at both the summer and Christmas shows.

However, doing a show in a foreign language which I can't actually speak or understand  is a whole new departure... what could possibly go wrong?!?

The show will run from 25th-28th March, and I will also be offering a workshop (?!?) on 21st March.  I'm not at liberty to reveal the workshop just yet, but I'm working on it at the moment and full details will be available next month.

There is an initial list of exhibitors on the official website HERE (helpfully there is full English translation!) and I'm relieved to know that I won't be the only UK participant.  This show will be an excellent opportunity to discover a whole range of artisans who are unknown outside their respective countries, so I'm really looking forward to visiting their virtual tables and having a leisurely browse.

However in the meantime I'm working hard to restock as many Mignonette Toy Dolls as I can, as well as prepping for the workshop.  I should also try to learn a few useful Italian phrases.  My facility with Italian begins and ends with 'ciao bella', which I suspect may be of limited use.

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Megan Wallace said...

It's scary and exciting to expand your horizons. I think you're going to love the experience! See if you can make contact with Ersilia from Dada's Dollhouse. You probably know her already. If you need a translator/mediator beyond Google translate, I'm sure she will be delighted to assist.