Sunday, 14 January 2007

Calm reflection......

Final DIY packages have now been delivered, unpacked and mused upon, then added to the growing pile of items in the optimistically named 'hobby room'. Should I suddenly be overtaken by the urge to swing a cat I would be severely hampered. The room is very small, and even with a single bed, work table, swivel chair and bookcase the only items of furniture, the floor space is negligible. I have resorted to putting everything on the bed, in neat piles......wooden mouldings, electrical gubbins, exterior finish materials, roofing materials etc, which leaves no room for small dog to snuggle down, much to her disgust.
Practically all of the table is taken up with the 'dry build' carcase of the shop, leaving me no flat surface to work on. As there is no room for another table I will have to be creative and have settled on the following solution.

Move the mattress off the bed, into one of the other spare bedrooms. Lug a piece of mdf down from the shed at the top of the garden to cover the bed base and serve as a stable platform to take the shop, neatly freeing up the table for working on. Problem solved.


I now have to move all the stuff off the bed to get to the mattress.

And even worse....
Then brave the hordes of enormous garden spiders who have taken winter sanctuary in the shed and probably have woven gigantic webs right under the bit of mdf I need to get at, each web containing millions of tiny spiderlets, primed to scatter and attack with lightning speed.

Actually, on reflection, I may leave that till another day. I still have soooo much planning to do, marking out the brickwork sections on the shop fronts etc.

Which of course would be so much easier if I had a clear workspace.


PS - thinking I needed a suitable graphic to enliven this post, I idly Googled 'spiders' in Google Images.

In deference to fellow arachnophobe's nervous dispositions, I chose the least offensive image from the dozens of frankly terrifying photographs which suddenly appeared on my computer screen. I urge you UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES to repeat my experiment.

You have been warned!

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