Saturday, 6 January 2007

Planning & Prep - Check

So the festive season (why is it called festive when it is so often far from it?!) has drawn to a close and it's back to work properly on Monday. The dull, grey days of January and February lie bleakly ahead forming the perfect backdrop to an engrossing project, which is all laid out in my newly acquired 'hobby room'.

Just a few last minute checks to perform then I can begin in earnest.

  • Small work table snaffled from caravan - Check
  • Extremely uncomfortable swivel chair snaffled from workroom - Check *mental note to self - look out for a better one in the January sales*
  • Selection of spotlights as the room gets no sunlight - Check
  • Assorted tool boxes, mini drill, mitre cutters, glueing jigs etc - Check
  • Radio so I can have my daily fix of Radio 4, especially The Archers (don't you just want to give David a good talking to?) - Check
  • Huge motley collection of DIY odds and ends collected over 15 years, including little bits of skirting boards, cornicing, oak beams, electrical gubbins etc, all of which will take many hours to sort through - Check
  • Barricade to prevent small dog from 'helping' by sorting through wooden mouldings with her teeth. - Check
  • Camera on tripod to record progress of the build - Check
  • Huge notebook to record sizes, sketches, ideas etc - Check
  • Toy shop kit, in 'dry build' form on the table - Check
Well so far so good.

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