Monday, 8 January 2007

Exciting deliveries......

Got up especially early this morning for two reasons...

Firstly, back to work today after a lengthy rest. Shouldn't complain really as the commute takes a mere 10 seconds from breakfast table to workroom.
Secondly, to take delivery of several boxes ofDIY building supplies related to the toy shop.

Very exciting time opening the boxes and rifling through the contents. Naturally I just had to try out some of the things for size which could be described as displacement activity by those who think I am just trying to avoid starting work.

One rather baffling item which came with lots of wires, battery holder, switch, electric motor etc, BUT NO INSTRUCTIONS. I know what it is for, but not how to put it together or make it work.
So I put that aside for later perusal. I'm a bit worried that with all the electrical gubbins I'm planning on using, that the back of the toy shop will look a bit like this

Hm, might need a bit more thought on this, but I am confident that it will all be fine in the end.

Also aware that blogging is prime displacement activity and I really should be working.
You haven't seen me......right?!
*glances guiltily over shoulder and scurries back to workroom*

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