Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Work continues apace.....

In response to all those of you who have badgered asked me for information on the lack of progress on the toy shop, here is a brief anguished cry update on what I have achieved thus far.

Actually I spent ages and ages this past weekend secreted away in my little hobby room, finally going from dry build to glued build, with only a few panics in between. I have finished building the bay windows, installed wooden floors (until I ran out of wood), painted ceilings, and installed the initial runs of copper tape for lighting.

I have proof of all of this industry in the form of photographs, carefully documenting my meticulous and painstaking efforts to achieve perfection in minature form.

Sadly, however, my camera connection lead has gone mysteriously astray and I will have to interrogate the usual suspect (ie small dog) to ascertain its whereabouts. As soon as I lay my hands on
the little beggar the missing cable, I will upload all manner of photographic wonders to delight the eye. Ahem.

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