Wednesday, 21 February 2007



I have hit a snag.

Not unforseen but more of a snag than I had anticipated.

Having finished my lovely, big bay windows, which are to grace the front of the shop, I now have to work out how to run electricity from the body of the shop, to the two fronts.

I had a 'Eureka' moment over the weekend which involved running the copper tape right under the door hinges, which I had already checked were conductive. The electric current from both tapes would then flow through the hinges to pick up the tapes on the inside of the door fronts.
However, as the electrically literate among you will already have spotted, there was a rather drastic flaw in an otherwise damn fine plan.
In my enthusiasm to solve the problem, I completely failed to realise that if I carried out my 'hinge experiment' I would effectively short-circuit the entire house. Happily I hadn't actually fitted the hinges so disaster was narrowly averted.

Back to the drawing board then...................

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