Saturday, 3 February 2007

Proof of progress

Despite my best intentions, I have had no time at all to do anything constructive in the toy shop today, aside from taking a quick peek to check it hadn't all fallen to pieces.
I have set aside a large chunk of tomorrow afternoon to try to get the oak ceiling beams installed, and make a start on the gargantuan project of drilling dozens of tiny holes to take the electric sockets for all the little lights which in my mind's eye will twinkle fetchingly and illuminate the darkest recesses of the shop.

Of course in reality I will probably break the only drill bit which is the perfect size, set the house on fire with the soldering iron and get a splinter in my finger from the ceiling beams which will go septic and require the application of a poultice.

But I digress. For now all is calm and since I have managed to find the camera lead, I now present for your delectation and delight, a record of progress to date.

Exhibit One

Small dog 'helping' with the construction of the bay window sections.

Exhibit Two

Demonstration of the use of nose as 'third hand'

Exhibit ThreeCompleted bay window, firmly clamped while glue dries.

Exhibit Four
Main body of shop completed and three wooden floors in place. Ceilings are also painted.

Since these photographs were taken I've installed the first copper tape wiring runs in all the rooms on the ground and first floors as I will be putting in lights to illuminate the display shelving, rather than ceiling or wall lights. I will also have tiny directional spotlights pointing into the four main display rooms to pick out the tiniest details.

More updates tomorrow hopefully.........incidentally, you can leave comments directly on this blog, just by clicking on 'Post a Comment'. I'd be really interested to hear what you think, or if you have any helpful ideas or suggestions.


Anonymous said...

I think this is reeli grait. Espeshally the woodin bits that fol on the flor. If i am veri kwik i kan get them beafour eniwun seas and tchu them too peeses. Ov koars i probabli get showtid at thow.
I am luking fourword two toomoro and i wil lik the copr wiers and sea if i get a shok.
thank yu
ps sori abowt mi spelin but i am onli littl and hav paus.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a cute little helper like Lucy :-)