Sunday, 18 February 2007

The tedium of the long distance painter......

Am I glad THAT'S over?!

I knew that painting all of the display units would take a while, but ALL DAY?!

Ready to return to the fray this morning, I surveyed the large pile of display units, and my small sample pot of paint, and decided to go straight to the DIY store to purchase another.

Of course, as I had hinted at yesterday, the lovely deep crimson red is no longer available, so I had to resort to plan B and choose the nearest match.

Back home and I settled down to paint the units, a task which I estimated would take around 2-3 hours.


6 hours later I wearily laid down my brushes and practically crawled downstairs on my hands and knees in search of liquid refreshment. Happily however, I did manage to paint every unit using the contents of my original sample paint pot, although it was touch and go towards the end.

I did get into a sort of mindless rhythm, painting the insides first, then sides, top and fronts, but it was tedious, tedious work. My only compensation was that they would only need one coat of paint. I intend to pick out the dentil mouldings and fancy fronts with some gold Rub'N'Buff so that they look gilded. Might get onto that tomorrow.

I had hoped to get started on marking up the front sections of the shop today, drawing out the brickwork plan directly onto the fronts. However after my marathon painting session I thought better of it.

Still.........all in all..........a very productive weekend and I really feel I'm getting somewhere.
Time permitting during the following week I will
  • Assemble the two dormer windows for the attic rooms
  • Mark out the brickwork sections on the shop fronts
  • Begin tiling the roof

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