Friday, 14 December 2007

Basement flat.......pack

Huzzah.....the basement kit has arrived!

I've already had it assembled in 'dry build' form, to see how I'm going to adapt it. Like the shop kit it is very cleverly designed, and everything fits together beautifully. However the front of the basement really needs some windows, as the only ones are two small fanlights, which I'll be obscuring by covering in the basement 'area'.

So, I've been looking on the internet for inspiration from actual shops with basements etc, and have found a few images which have given me some ideas. However I am NOT looking forward to cutting out the window apertures, which from experience, is a really tricky job and not for the fainthearted.

I've got as far as buying some new jigsaw blades which purport to give a fine cut, but until I decide on the windows, and actually buy them, I won't be doing anything much on the basement. I would really like to have arched windows but I just know that they will be difficult to cut without making at least one mistake.

So, for now, I will continue working on the shop, which is now nearing completion, and the basement will have to wait for the time being.......

Except perhaps for planning the electrics, which will have to be on a separate circuit from the shop.
Oh and the flooring, which I could lay while the kit is still flat-pack. However I can't decide on what to have.......I suppose flagstones would be most authentic, but really nice ones are horrendously expensive and the floor space is really quite large, including as it does, the area which runs into the basement front.
And I suppose I could paint the ceilings and walls to make life easier when it's assembled.

Photos to follow......

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