Thursday, 6 December 2007

Horns of a dilemma.........

Yes, you're right, there has been no progress on the toy shop since my last posting. However, small packages have been arriving on a regular basis, with yet more fixtures and fittings so I don't feel I have been wasting time, as I have been unable to proceed without these essential bits and pieces.

However, whilst idly browsing on the internet today, I came across the website I bought my toy shop kit from.

And lo...... there is now a lovely basement which has been designed specifically for the shop.

Hence the dilemma horns of which I spoke.

Do I throw caution to the winds and get a basement.........or not.

If I do, I would be able to move the toymaker's and dollmakers' workrooms, which were going to be in the two attic rooms, down into the basement, and reclaim the attic rooms for another two shop display areas.

Very tempting.

Although much more work.

Although if I were moving the workshops to the basement, I could concentrate fully on finishing the main body of the shop and starting to put all my lovely little toys in place on the shelves.

And the basement areas would effectively be a completely separate build.

Anyway, I am waiting to hear if they will sell a basement kit separately, and if so the cost.

I simply don't think I can resist........

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