Friday, 7 December 2007

I mitre known........

I cannot be the only miniaturist who understands the mechanics of mitres, but falls short when it comes to the practice.

Being fully aware of my shortcomings in this regard, today I set about the task of installing the cornicing in the ground floor rooms.

I measured the first room.
Double checked the measurements.
Drew a plan showing the direction of the mitres
Double checked plan
Pencilled in the correct angle on the first moulding
Double checked it in situ
Triple checked it against the measurements and the plan.
Had a cup of tea and a biscuit
Checked the mitre again
Gazed out of the window for a while.
Girded my loins to actually cut the mitre
Carefully set up my mitre cutting jig to the correct angle running in the correct direction
Came downstairs to check my emails and play with small dog and her squeaky ball
Finally, all displacement activity exhausted, picked up my little craft saw and cut the mitre.

And it was correct.

Short lap of honour around the room and flushed with success, decided to omit the 40 minutes worth of checks and balances, and swiftly cut the first mitre for the back wall moulding.

And it was correct.

And element of over confidence crept in. Yes I did check the angle of the second mitre and yes it looked fine.

But it wasn't

Somehow, the mitre goblins intervened between my taking the moulding out of the room and placing it in the mitre block, so that when I cut it, it was indeed at the right angle , but on the wrong side of the moulding.

So I have decided to abandon mitreing for the moment, although I did manage to get the cornicing in one room completed.


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