Friday, 7 December 2007

Basement update.........

In the post before the mitre debacle, I mentioned that I had found a basement kit, designed for my shop, and that I was considering whether or not to get one.

My deliberations took all of a day, and after receiving confirmation this morning that the basement kit was indeed available as a separate item, at the remarkably fine price of just £45 including delivery, I have gone ahead and ordered one, which will be here before Christmas.


So, the two attic workshop areas will be relocated in the basement, and I can reclaim the attic rooms as two further display areas.

However, there is just one teensy, weensy problem which I spotted right away, and which I have been mulling over since yesterday.

This will be easier to explain with the aid of a photograph.........

Here is what the basic shop and basement look like. The front of the basement lifts away from the front of the building to give access to the two rooms, which are the same size and layout as those in the shop above.
There are railings, a set of steps leading up to the door, and two little arched windows below pavement level.

From a design point of view, this means that 'people' can't stand looking in through the shop windows. Plus as you may remember, I have adapted the windows in my shop so that they are large bay windows, so it would look a bit odd if they were sticking out way up in mid air on the front of the building!

So, I think I may opt to have a pavement covering the whole of the basement area, on which I can have a street lamp, postbox, a few children looking in at the shop windows etc.

However this means that I will be excluding all light from the basement, and I hate to think of the toymaker and dollmaker having to work in the gloom, even though I will be installing lighting. I might therefore, adapt the front and/or sides of the basement, to incorporate windows.

I'll reserve judgement on any alterations until I actually have the kit and can see how it is to be constructed. In the meantime I intend to push ahead with the shop and see how far I can get by Christmas.

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