Friday, 17 July 2009

Finger bulletin..............

I received an email today, taking me to task not posting an update to the burnt finger debacle earlier this week.

Apologies to all who may have been wondering whether I have succumbed to gangrene, septicaemia, amputation etc.

As you can see I am still (relatively) in one piece, and although my poorly finger is still a bit sore around the blister, it has thankfully escaped major medical intervention.
However, as a touch typist, I use all my fingers, so having even one out of commission renders me incapable of using a keyboard as I can't bear having to 'hunt and peck' with two fingers.

Hence the hiatus.

That, and having to catch up with a massive amount of work, getting orders completed and despatched, preparing the latest home workshop pack etc etc.

The good news is that we have, just about, cleared the decks of the most urgent 'stuff to do', which leaves only the marginally less urgent 'stuff to do'.

Many thanks to all who posted or emailed offering their good wishes following my industrial injury. I have considered initiating litigation against myself under the Industrial Injuries at Work Act, for running a workplace woefully lacking in adhering to safety in the workplace procedures.

Note to self: Must do better and tighten up on Health & Safety.


Debbie said...

LOL..Love the picture of the sign.
Glad to hear your on the mend..x

Joyce said...

See - we does all care.

I love the sign too.