Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Third degree burns..........

I did a very stupid thing yesterday.

I managed to insert a hot, sharp wire, covered in molten hot glue, under a fingernail.

OUCH doesn't even come close.

Despite dousing the finger in icy water, it has blistered badly, although thankfully the searing pain, which persisted for 6 hours, has mostly subsided, and at least I can use my hand again now.

Stupid, STUPID woman.........

EDIT -I really tried to find a funny image to accompany this post, but apparently third degree burns are nothing to laugh about.

Who knew?

So instead I decided to go with the PainGuinn.



Kim said...

ouch! Hot glue burns are sooo awful! I hope you heal quickly :)

Debbie said...

Flipping Hell Sandra I can feel the pain from here! Hope the pain subsides very very quickly.. x

Debie Lyons said...

OMG, I know how they feel. Hope it gets better soon.

Debie xxx

PP-SD said...

Luckily a few glasses of wine helped ease the pain a little ;-)x

Joyce said...

Oooh I went all unnecessary thinking about that. It must hurt so much.

Tip - get some of those plastic ice cubes - the ones with water inside that you put in the freezer. I occasionally lower my fingers into the oil when I am frying eggs in the morning and I find that holding one of those against the burn prevents it blistering or certainly reduces the blisters and takes the pain away. I find the best thing is to keep the burn dry but get it as cold as you can and these icecubes do the trick for me.


Joyce said...

p.s. Love the painguinn gag.