Saturday, 18 July 2009


PP and I have both been feeling a bit under the weather the past two days. What started off as an annoying tickly, sore throat has developed into a persistent chesty cough, intermittent sneezing, snuffling, headachey and generally feeling as rough as a badger's bum.

I checked my symptoms on the NHS helpline and the helpful advice was to call my GP. However as everyone knows, short of requiring immediate medical intervention, GP's are not returning calls and are all barricaded inside their surgeries caressing their personal stocks of Tamiflu, Blofeld-like.

PP had to go to our GP surgery earlier this week to collect a routine repeat prescription and there was a large sign on the door saying that anyone who suspects they have swine flu to just go away and ring the NHS helpline number and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES to set foot in the building.

So that's all right then.

I'll just snuggle up on the sofa with Small Dog, who has requested a surgical mask so that she doesn't pick up any of our germs. I was hoping for a bit of canine TLC, or at the very least a touch of 'healing paw' but I expect that's out of the question.


Joyce said...

I sincerely hope that both you and PP feel better very soon and that all you have is a summer cold and nothing more sinister.

Maybe after you recover from this everything will be on the up. You have had enough problems this year to last you a lifetime.


depesando said...

I am quite disappointed that I am still in rude health, I don't even have 'sympathy' swine flu or even something phsychosomatic....I feel a bit left out..

Get well soon.

Sandra Morris said...

Joyce, I'm fairly sure it's a summer cold and until I break out in festering sores I'm going to treat it as one.
I've heard tell that alcohol, especially super chillled white wine is an excellent internal disinfectant so I'm going with that for the duration.

Richard, long may your rude health continue. If you feel REALLY left out I could send you a couple of snotty tissues just to get the ball rolling.
Anyway, according to Bev, it's 'sneaking' up your road too so it's only a matter of time
*cue deep, tolling bell of doom*

Joyce said...

Super chilled wine would possibly work but you would have to ingest huge quantities to have any impact. I realise that it is Hell having to do that but no one said that having a cold was easy and if you want to get well you are just going to have to take your medicine without complaint. Whisky would probably work too.

You and PP are mature enough to realise this and I am sure that by Monday morning there will be a little pile of medicine bottles outside the back door ready for the journey to the bottle bank.

Keep warm, keep well and I hope you both feel better soon.

rosanna said...

My Scottish boyfriend used to tell me that the best cure for a cold is to place a hat on your bed post and drink whisky till you see two of them. If it does not kill you it can be effective with germs!

tattyhousehastings said...

I reckon you should probably get some Tamiflu - sounds suspiciously like swine flu, but maybe you just haven't got a temperature yet. According to Question Time last night there is a new helpline that is working...too well, maybe as giving out lots of drugs.
But don't soldier on - get all the drugs you can get. Tamiflu must do something musn't it other than just shorten the duration...and with other health issuse.
Take care Sandra - and remember it is also in West St L. It seems to have hit the kids there first.