Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Monsoon season.......

We had a drop or two of rain in the early hours of this morning.

Rain of biblical proportions.


Although I was vaguely aware of the thunder and the torrential downpour, it didn't fully rouse me from a very deep sleep, so it was left to PP to monitor the rising waters.

Despite the fact we live at the top of a steep hill, our garden also slopes steeply up from the house towards woodland. It was down this bone-dry slope that the rains cascaded, turning the steps into a waterfall of such ferocity it rivalled the Reichenbach Falls.

The rainwater cascaded down our shingle 'beach' area and flowed over the top of the retaining wall, adding to the volume of water already on the patio.

Within minutes the patio was beginning to flood, although thankfully it slopes away from the house so we were spared the misery of water pouring into the kitchen and lounge. The shed in the corner of the patio wasn't so lucky, and there is currently a small lake in there.

Unbelievably, the water has almost all gone from the patio now, although a 'tide mark' on the planters shows that it rose to 6 inches!!!

Upside is that at least the vegetable plants won't need to be watered by hand today.

Slightly damp steps which only hours before had resembled a waterfall in full spate!

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Debbie said...

Lucky for you that all that Water didn't get into the House.. I've just read the article in your newer post. Those poor people waking up to all that water.