Monday, 4 April 2011

The perfect glue.............

As a craft artisan, I am always on the lookout for the perfect glue.  In days of yore, I would have been boiling animal hooves like a good'un but these days there is a bewildering array of synthetic glues, all of which promise the earth.

Aside from Aleene's Tacky Glue which is the holy grail of PVA glues, it is difficult to find a 'glue for all reasons'..... which is why yesterday morning, when we recklessly decided to view 10 minutes of Sunday morning TV, we were drawn into watching a whole hour of an apparently MIRACLE GLUE, which works on anaerobic rather than contact principles.  It wouldn't stick until pressure was applied to the joint, squeezing out the air, at which point the glue transmogrified at a molecular level and became stronger than the material it was glued to.  Not only that (there MORE?!) the glue remained flexible, rather than going hard and brittle.

I was AMAZED and EXCITED at the same time!

The bloke who was demonstrating, was glueing all manner of unlikely objects to other equally unlikely objects.  For example, a glass door knob onto a brick, or a metal coin onto a bit of concrete, in order to prove that the glue really did work.  Even more amazing is that it worked on stuff that is notoriously difficult to glue to anything, or even to itself.  Rubber for example, or certain plastics.

By the time we'd finished watching a whole hour of extreme glueing, I'd have sold my children to get my hands on a bottle of the stuff.  Fortunately this was unnecessary as they had a great BOGOF offer.... Two bottles of the miracle glue, plus one bottle of the glass glue, plus a bottle of de-bonding agent. 

Times two.

PLUS a refillable glue pen.

Bargain of the century or what?!

I can't wait for it to arrive so that I can begin a whole new glueing odyssey.  I'll be able to dispense with all those myriad bottles/tubes/tins of glue currently cluttering up my 'glue cupboard' and sail through life with just one.

This is obviously what I've been waiting for all my life!

Glue nirvana.............


Tabitha Corsica said...

Sandra, this sounds a lot like the "medical grade" CA glue made in Germany that's become available in the states. I wonder if it is the same thing? I have some and do use it a fair amount with good results but it hasn't replaced PVA for wood, paper, fabric, etc., in my opinion.

Robin said...

Can't wait for you to get it and give us the expert verdict.

Sans! said...

Any post on glue is a good post! I want some of that too! I thought I found a good glue for metal until 3 months later when things fall apart again. Will be good if you can review it after a few months :)

Thanks Sandra, for sharing.

Karin Corbin said...

I bought that glue several years ago at a boat show. It is super glue. The only difference is the solvents have been filtered out of it. Most of the "advanced formula" super glues you buy at the hardware store are also filtered. No point in buying this product off the internet when you can get it just up the road and help keep the local economy going.

The newer superglues that are really great are the rubber fortified ones. Adding a bit of rubber is what makes the superglue flexible. There are lots of those formulas at your local hardware store too. Read the labels, if it says shock resistant or good for plastic you will have the same glue formula as the "miracle glue" on TV.