Thursday, 7 April 2011

Silver lining.........?

There is not a cloud in the sky today, but even if there were I would be hard pressed to find a silver lining.

We had to take Small Dog to the vet today.  Her back leg has been playing up and she's been having difficulty walking.... poor wee soul.  It's heartbreaking to see her limping around the garden and trying to negotiate the stairs.

She's been put on bed rest and anti-inflammatory drops, and has to have an X-Ray next week, for which she will be sedated.  The most likely culprit is Luxating Patella, but it could be arthritis or even something more sinister.  I'm relieved that she's to have further tests but I'm worried that there could be something badly wrong, as she's clearly in pain a lot of the time.  It's possible that she may have to have surgery, depending on what they find.  In that case the cost of treatment could run into thousands of pounds... thank goodness she's been insured since she was a puppy.  We've never had to claim before and we really, really hope there won't be any problem if we have to claim now.

However, mostly we're worried about what's wrong and whether it can be put right.  She's normally such a live-wire.... it's strange for her not to be bouncing around like Tigger although she's enjoying all the TLC.

Here's hoping she's soon back to her normal self.........


rosanna said...

Poor dear, lots of loe to hr and to you as well. Rosanna

Anonymous said...

Oh No!
I thought she had got better.
Our heart goes out to you all.
You know we had a great to do when DD was only 10 months and it was truly one of the worst times of my life...the worrying and me not really a worrier.
I DO hope it will all come out well.
Even if she has to have an operation...the success rates are very good indeed. Look at DD. She was awful the day she came back from the op and NOW there is nothing she can't do. ( reading and writing, complicated maths) ;)
Keep us informed.

all our loves S, s and DD