Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Woozy hound.........

Small Dog is currently curled up in her basket, sleeping off the after-effects of her anaesthetic.
Apparently the reversible sedation planned for her hip manipulation and X-ray wasn't enough and she had to have anaesthetic as well.  She's still quite groggy and keeps looking at us with her ears down in her most pathetic "what did I do to deserve THAT?" pose.

We had a long consultation with the vet, who explained that her mobility problem is because the patella on her left hind leg is luxating, ie slipping out of the groove in which it should be held securely by four ligaments.  In fact it's spending more time out than in, which accounts for her discomfort in walking, and often hobbling around on three legs.

In the long run, she will probably have to have surgery, for which she would have to be referred to a specialist orthopaedic vet.  However in the short term we're going to treat it conservatively, with pain-killer/anti-inflammatory medicine, and a form of doggy physiotherapy which aims to tighten the ligaments and strengthen the surrounding muscle.  

She's having a special dinner tonight to make up for her traumatic experience and hopefully she'll feel more like her normal self again tomorrow.


Small Dog's version of events:

i got kwite ecksited this mornin becos mi mumz sed i wos goen in the kar.  howevr instedd of goen sumwhair gude i wos taiken too the vett.  

i doant liek the vett.  it smels funi becos lotts of uthr dogs hav weed on the floar in teror. as sune as i am throo the doar i go ol trembli.

eniwai, i had too wate till i wos arsked to go intoo the vetts torchure chaimbr. i kood hardli knot beleev it when mi mumz lefft me ther!

butt then it gott wurs.

i had to hav a enjeckshun witch maid mee sleepi.  

butt knot sleepi enuf.  

befour i nuw it, thay werr trien too pool mi legz of.  natchurali i went a bitt growli so then thay poot a masc on mi fais and strainj gas kaim owt.  i mussed hav gon too sleap then becos the neckst thing i knu i wos in a kenl.

i doant reeli kno whot a kenl is butt it is jusst liek a kaij. it smelt funi two, evun tho mi mumz had left mi blanki. 

aparentli thay tuke speshul piktoors ov mi boans witch maid mee luke liek a skelington and  i hav lucksaten patelars.  i hav kno ideea wot thay ar.

iventewali, mi mumz sekured mi releese and i kaim hoam. i think i mite bee haven haloosinashuns becos i saw a tryseratops in the gardin erlier.  or itt mite hav bean a reinoserus.

itt is knot two badd now thow. i hadd a delishus dinr and mi mumz hav bean colin mee gorjus wun and saien ar yoo olrite, and wood yoo liek a littel dish of milc, and lett me maik yoo a kumfourtabel bedd and doo yoo knead a cari.

i suspekt thai mite hav poot sum speshul medisin in mi dinr butt i wil lett them of with it.

thank yoo to evriwun whoo has sent mee gude wishes.  i reeli apreshiait it

yores grogili


Robin said...

Good to see SD is back - sense of humour intact - hope the meds and physio do the trick.

Debie Lyons said...

(((((((((( Small Dog )))))))) I hope you recover soon and that dinner was scrummy.

Lorra Luffies

Debie xxxx

Sandra Morris said...

I've passed your 'get well soon' wishes onto Small Dog who is currently reclining in her basket waiting for her breakfast.


Anonymous said...

Smorl Dog, yoo ar ze bravist dog in orl Frans. ...exsept mi.( yoo doo wotch 'Allo Allo' down't yoo?
Zat is wot my Dadi sayz to mi wen I hav bin to the vetts. Tho hee sais, bravist dog in orl Brackley.

An I downt sey that to anywun els.


And Sue says,
Oh Small Dog, we are so relieved. At least now we know what it is, we can deal with it. This doesn't mean any more visits to the vet...oh noo no noo, nothing like it, goodness me certainly not < dig big hole> absolutlely not.

Ah well...and you are the bravest dog in all France. ;)

Lots of love
S, s and DD