Saturday, 2 April 2011

Without a hitch..........

We are inching ever closer to being finally able to tow our caravan.  Having had the tow pack fitted to the car on Thursday, today we tackled the task of changing the tow hitch on the caravan for a new Al-Ko stabiliser and security lock.

I had contacted our local mobile caravan servicing chap to find out how much it would cost to have him fit it and after learning it would be £100(!) we decided to have a go ourselves.  After all, there were only two pages of arcane instructions and technical diagrams so we were reasonably confident that we'd be fine.


There were, inevitably, a few teeny weeny hitches (no pun intended) but after only an hour we'd changed the tow hitch then buoyed with our success, fitted a new vehicle registration plate on the back of the caravan to match the car's.

Job done.

So, just two weeks till our first mini outing *tremble, tremble, quake, quake* just before PP goes on a Caravan Club Manoevring Course, then it's off into the wide blue yonder........  


Robin said...

Well done the A team!!

Michelle said...

Bravo!!! At last you have the car AND the caravan sorted! I bet you can't wait!

Michelle xx

Anonymous said...

Wel dun Arnty SD'd Mum and Arnty PP !
Thair iz now wey mai Mummee wud hav bin abul to doo anee of that stuf!

Isunt that carravvan a winy bit smorl for you all thow?

Luv DDxx

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks everyone. Nobody was more surprised than we were that we managed to do it!

To DD from SD....

i wos amaizd that mi mumz manijd too do the hitshlok two. Thay dident evin sware or enithing.

Owr karavann is kwite larj, altho i am a bit wurrid abowt the big rabits...whare did thay kum from?