Monday, 30 April 2012

Tempus fugit......

Last day of April and we're already one third of the way through the year.  How did that happen?  I'd swear yesterday was only January.


Time to take stock and check my to do lists, which are sorely in need of updating. 

I have SO MUCH TO DO!!!!

That level of stuff to do which effectively immobilises you, and makes action impossible.  I must sit down and systematically sort through and prioritise my tasks.  For example I must make a start on the annual accounts so that I can submit the business tax return.  We also have a fair looming at the end of this month for which I have done precisely zilch so far.  Not to mention the May Kit of the Month which should be ready for release at the end of this week.
Plus a few commissions.....

Like I said.... SO MUCH TO DO!!!!

And the only way to deal with it all is to make a start.

Which I will do.  Just as soon as I've finished tidying up in the workroom*.....

*Procrastination skills = excellent, top marks 


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