Monday, 5 November 2012

Multi-tasking Monday......

Small Dog is poorly.

Proper poorly.

I don't know if there is a canine equivalent of Norovirus, but if there is, she's got it.

As well as the dire rear she's been sick too and has been off her food since yesterday.  She did manage to force down a tiny amount of lightly cooked scrambled egg this morning but since then she's been languishing in her basket.  If she's not significantly better tomorrow she'll be bound for the vet.

Not only that, PP had to have sedation for a hospital procedure this morning and she's been sleeping it off this afternoon, also feeling proper woozy.

So I've been in nursemaid mode today, ministering to the afflicted.  Hopefully they will both be feeling much better by tomorrow.

While they've been recuperating though, I've been hard at work, putting the finishing touches to our festive-themed Kit of the Month, details of which can be found on the Miniature Christmas blog, or on the website HERE.

Choose between Holly or Ivy, both of which come with a bonus kit to make a filled wicker basket. 

Perfect for self-gifting in the run up to Christmas, we are also offering an optional online tutorial session at the end of November.



debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

oh dear I do hope small dog gets better soon

Neen said...

You take wonderful care of your family, and I am sure that your care will mean both will be feeling better soon. In the meantime, tell Small Dog her fans love her and hope her rear and other parts get well very quickly.

Sandra Morris said...

Debbie & Neen......

Thank you both for your get well soon wishes for Small Dog.

She is much better today and even managed to wolf down her whole dinner in record time!

Sxx (and SD sends a lick)