Sunday, 3 February 2013

Etsy versus Ebay.......

I am conducting a completely unscientific experiment to assess the feasibility of selling on either Etsy or Ebay.

I have fallen out of love with Ebay in recent years, partly due to the monumental (with the emphasis on 'mental') changes to their fees and selling policies and partly due to the fact that there is just such a lot of Taiwan Tat masquerading as quality miniatures.  Even in the hitherto reliable 'handmade' or 'artisan' categories there are blatantly mass produced miniatures masquerading as the real thing.  I find it depressing to trawl through pages and pages of rubbish, searching for the occasional pearl in the mire.

Etsy on the other hand, with which I've held a dormant account for years, majors on handmade items which are generally of good quality.  I have, on occasion bought from a known artisan on Etsy and the transactions have been quick and easy.  Although I have never sold on Etsy, I'm aware that their fees are generally lower and their selling policies are fairer and more transparent.


This weekend I have listed three items for sale on Etsy, and one item in an Ebay auction..... just to see what happens.

The Ebay auction is HERE 

The Etsy offerings are HERE

I shall await developments and report back in due course........


Tabitha Corsica said...

Etsy is almost just as full of Taiwanese Tat as ebay but, for the moment, fees are lower. Plus "less than quality" miniatures abound. It amazes me what some people will throw together and try to sell (nevermind what other people will buy).

But for some, it is the only venue. If you are well-known (as you are) Etsy is a good addition to a website.

good luck!

debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

I like you have got fed up with Ebay, I only put items on now when it has free listing, I do agree about the mass produced stuff that is coming through, it makes it very hard for any one who makes minis, as we cannot compete with the mass producers, and I think at the moment people are looking for cheap, there is not a lot of money about and one of the first things to go when short of money is your hobby, I did try Esty and all that seemed to happen is people kept joining me in their circles, I will be watching with interest to see how you get on

Sandra Morris said...

I'll be interested to see what happens. I suppose at least with Ebay an item either sells or it doesn't, within a week. Etsy listings are live for ages and may not result in any sales at all.
Mostly it's about marketing and getting your name out there... so I suppose they both do that to a certain extent.