Monday, 18 February 2013

Multi-tasking Monday.....

We now have just three full working days before we pack the car and set off for the Oxfordshire countryside.

If I were to suggest that the house is a haven of peace and tranquillity I'd be lying.

If I happen to mention that my workroom is the epitome of calm I'd be lying through my teeth.

If I suggest that I'm well on track to have everything completed in time I'd be..... well you get the gist.

For example, here is the current state of my desk.....

 It is what can only be described as a 'complete guddle'It's at that delicate tipping point where in order to actually do any work I have to tidy up.  But I can't tidy up because in amongst all that mess are lots of tiny toys in various stages of completion.

I'm in a creative catch-22.

And that's not the worst of it.  The hall is piled waist high with packing boxes, the dining room is currently home to the various components of our exhibition stand and the office is knee-deep in part-printed, half-collated brochures and flyers.  

My printer (the one I'm on moderately good terms with) has waved the white flag twice already today, once with a phantom paper jam (there was none, I think it just wanted a rest) and more recently because it needed not one, but two ink cartridges replaced which sent it into a depressive decline, morosely shuffling its rollers and defiantly spitting out sheet after sheet of blank paper.

I've given it a stern talking to and suggested it get its act together lickity split otherwise it will find itself out on its rear paper tray but I'm not hopeful.

It's always like this in the few days before a fair.  Even way back, when I used to do at least two fairs a month, I would invariably spend the final 48 hours burning the midnight oil trying to finish just one last project.  However, at least then I was match-fit, and knew where everything was, and how the stand went together, and the best way to display everything.  Now that we only exhibit at a few fairs each year I completely forget where everything goes, and how we usually organise things.

I'm desperately hoping it'll all come flooding back to me on Saturday morning when we unpack the car and lug everything to our table, ready to set up.

In other news, I checked my blog stats this morning and was amazed to discover that I've had  over 100,000 hits since December 2006 when I published my very first post.  Of course I have no frame of reference to know whether this is good, bad or merely indifferent, but it seems like a hell of a lot of hits to me, especially when you consider most of my posts are about Small Dog, or what recent misfortune has befallen us, or sometimes, just sheer drivel miscellaneous musings.

Perhaps some people just have too much time on their hands........


PastMastery said...

Oh..we do...we do... S and DD XX

Dave Williams said...

Good luck for the weekend Sandra, not that you will need it with your miniatures.
100,00 hits is just amazing, well done.

Robin said...

All sounds pretty normal to me!
See you Saturday.

Neen said...

I wish I had too much time on my hands, sadly I don't, but I always find time to read your blog as well as send messages to the adorable Small Dog!