Monday, 4 February 2013

Tah Dah.....!

This morning I've been updating the website with several new toy dolls, including a completely new vintage-style glazed china doll.......

 These are quite a departure from the Jumeau-style dolls but great fun to do..... hopefully I will have a few more ready to take to Thame later this month.

My dyeing batch last week has yielded some mouth-watering colours of silk ribbon, from Crushed Strawberry to Apricot & Cream, which I've used for these Shabby Chic Toy Dolls

Bear in mind that these porcelain dolls are less than 2 inches tall, have jointed arms and legs and full costumes, including silk underwear, silk shoes with leather soles, handmade wigs, silk dresses and bonnets.  They are completely hand-crafted from start to finish.

I'm also really pleased with the muted, vintage colours from my dyeing experiment, used for the Jumeau-style Toy Dolls above.  

I've restocked our Jumeau-style doll kits with many of the new colours, which are listed HERE.

This week I shall be concentrating on some fanciful new Victorian menagerie pullalong toys which will be unveiled in due course.....



rosanna said...

I am totally in love with the new doll,I like her even better than the other ones.
Best wishes with the fair,Rosanna

Jane Smith said...

These are so lovely, all your dolls are, you always make me want to attempt one..but then just get caught up in looking at yours and not making any ;P

Dave Williams said...

Dolls as usual are brilliant, the clothing though is just exquisite.
Exceptional work.

Hannah said...

Lovely dolls! I like them all =)

Sandra Morris said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments :)