Saturday, 31 May 2014

Is it that time already....?

Somehow, without my noticing, almost half the year has slipped by already.  It's the first of June tomorrow, and the summer solstice is looming, after which we'll be on the long, slow slide of ever shortening days into winter.

It's one of the many disconcerting things about getting older...... the months and years seem to flash past.  No sooner have I seen in one New Year and taken down the festive decorations than it's time to put up the next lot.


Glancing through my 'To Do' list this morning didn't do much much to lift my spirits either.
In January, full of New Year enthusiasm and derring-do, I drew up a list of stuff I wanted to achieve by the end of June.  Needless to say I've only been able to cross off a fraction of the items, while all the while adding more.  

For instance, I still haven't made a start on my tax return.  Regular readers will know how much I enjoy this annual task, and while I was thinking of things I could do to avoid it, I came across THIS, which fairly accurately describes how I feel about it.

I WILL get it sorted by the end of June but I will have to lock myself in a room, with absolutely NO distractions and most importantly NO INTERNETS!

In fact, I'm seriously considering trying to find one of these.......

This nifty bit of kit was designed in the mid 1920's and was called The Isolator.  And no, it's not a joke.  It was invented by Hugo Gernsback and was designed to help the wearer focus and concentrate by removing external distractions.  Apparently the contraption blocked out all external sound and limited vision to a tiny horizontal slit.  Fortunately it came with its own pumped oxygen supply. 

I'm unconvinced that it would enable me to 'concentrate with ease on the subject at hand', what with the crippling panic attacks and claustrophobia it would induce, not to mention struggling to deal with my overwhelming taphophobia.

Hmmm..... on second thoughts, perhaps not.

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