Saturday, 10 May 2014

Back to normality.....

Good grief.... is it really a month since my last blog post?

It's now a week since the wedding and life is returning to what passes for normal.  Despite some last minute panics over our respective outfits, the entire day was wonderful, in spite of the weather which meant that the outdoor ceremony was hurriedly moved indoors.

The bride looked beautiful and radiantly happy, the groom was handsome and impeccably dressed.  Everything went without a hitch.... the ceremony was emotional and moving, the congratulations effusive, the wedding breakfast delicious, the party great fun and a lovely time was had by all.

I came home with a camera full of photos, but as I was behind it all day, there was not a single one of us!  So far one has surfaced on FB but we're awaiting the release of the official photos which definitely feature both of us.

It's difficult to see exactly what I was wearing, but for the fashionistas among you, that's a very fitted ladies Victorian-inspired tailed jacket over black trousers and a silk chiffon top.  PP wore a gorgeous ladies tuxedo suit.

Thankfully on the day, although my waterproof mascara and magic knickers were both put to the test (I ALWAYS cry at weddings, and the humungously amazing pudding might have been a step too far even for spandex!) in the end they both performed beautifully.

Definitely a day to remember......

Since then, we've been gradually de-weddinging the house and trying to pick up the scattered reins of our lives.  

In other news, it's turned really cold and very windy so this weekend, unless the weather gets it act together, I shall be tackling the mess in both the office and the workroom and attempting to restore order to the chaos.

I suspect it will take some considerable time......

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