Sunday, 25 May 2014

Rant of the week......

It's been a while since I had a blog rant.  Looking back, the last time was in August last year so I'm probably overdue one.

So here goes.

Last week one of our neighbours called to say he was finally having his storm-damaged fences replaced, one of which runs alongside our driveway, next to our caravan, and would we mind if his fencer came onto our drive to remove the existing fence panels.  

While the neighbour was chatting to me to fencing bloke came over and I asked if he wanted us to move the caravan further across the drive but he assured us it was fine where it was as there's plenty of room.  Later that day, before he knocked off work, I asked him to clear up the mud, grass and debris he'd left littering our drive, which observant readers will recall was newly laid just over a year ago, and still looks like new.

Or it did before Barney Bodger the Bargain Builder piled a load of muck on it.

He made a desultory attempt at sweeping up some of the dirt but left most of it, so next morning, before we were due to leave for a few days away with friends, I again asked him to clear up his mess so as not to stain the bricks.  He took umbrage at this and sniffily informed me that he ALWAYS cleared up after himself and muttered that anyway "it's only mud".

So off we went, hopeful that he would be as good as his word, and had a lovely weekend in Whitstable with good friends, eating lovely food, drinking delicious wine and laughing fit to bust a rib.

On our return we were dismayed to find a builder's bucket full of debris right in front of our little caravan, and loads of muck spread all along the side of the drive and behind the van.  

This was annoying, although PP is of the opinion that we'll never get all the mud out of the cracks and that there will definitely be a stain left.

What's worse though, is that while checking out the van I discovered a large hammer dent on the side towards the front which most definitely wasn't there when we left.  To add insult to injury, he'd obviously attempted to cover his tracks by scouring a large section of the paintwork around the dent, completely removing the shiny finish.

To say I am annoyed is putting it mildly.  Incandescent with rage doesn't quite cut the mustard either. 


PP and I went round to the next door neighbours, who weren't in, but we left a note asking them to ring me.


UPDATE!  Received a phone call from neighbour's wife,who listened to me patiently then promptly disclaimed all responsibility.

No she can't contact her fencing bloke.
No she won't be there when he shows up on Tuesday morning.
No her husband won't be there either as he's away.  

How convenient.

If she thinks that gets them off the hook she's got another think coming. Having Googled extensively, as the damage to OUR property was caused by THEIR contractor, they are liable.

It's going to be an interesting few days, starting Tuesday morning but I could really, REALLY do without it.



Robin said...

OMG how awful!! Under the circumstances your rant is pretty hope you manage to get some cooperation from neighbours when they realize that you're not going to just put up with this.

Karin F. said...

are you able to prove that your caravan was dent free.... as you may have to for a liable action to take place.
BTW I hope you stick to your guns!!

Sandra Morris said...

Robin.... today I've written to our neighbour's insurance company, and I've also written to him, requesting the information which his fencer has withheld. It will be interesting to see if he complies.
Could really do without all this though :(

Sandra Morris said...


No we can't prove that were was no dent before we went away but there absolutely wasn't.
However, there is a principle at stake and we will most definitely stick to our guns!