Friday, 9 September 2016

Is it just me......?

The heat and humidity this week have been unbearable.  

We've had record-breaking September temperatures both day and night.  Even Small Dog has been wilting. I found her yesterday crammed into a small space under my desk in the office. Whether it's actually cooler under there or the heat has gone to her brain I have no idea.  I briefly considered joining her to test the hypothesis but she looked a bit bitey so I demurred.

I'm normally quite a chilly soul.  I tend to have cold hands and feet even in the height of summer but lately my body thermostat has gone mental.   I can be sitting quietly, minding my own business, when suddenly I'm overwhelmed by a tsunami of heat and sweat.

Yes sweat.

Forget the whole ladylike 'glowing' thing.  It's as if a sweat tap has been turned on and it literally rolls down my face seconds after the heat hits.  It's really quite an unbelievable physiological reaction.

Add to this going bright red and literally gasping for air and you can see that it doesn't present a pretty picture.

I really hoped  that I'd got away with a relatively quick and easy menopause but apparently not.  Approaching the age of 60 it's back with a vengeance.


I'm determined not to go down the HRT route so I've been frantically researching 'natural' remedies, of which Black Cohosh is the universal recommendation.

Now all I have to do is discover if it's available in industrial quantities...... *sigh*

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