Saturday, 3 September 2016

Hello September...... it that time already?

It's all 'back to school', we're in the dog days of summer and the shops are already displaying Christmas merchandise.

Of course it's now officially meteorological autumn (September, October, November) and although this isn't my favourite time of year, I'm trying to embrace autumn as the penultimate season before spring.

I seem to have spent most of this year in a mental fug... an overhang from the debilitating illness following my hospital admission last October.  At times I've felt completely adrift and rudderless, at the mercurial whims of a perfect storm of anxiety and depression.

Just about everything has languished in the doldrums.... work, projects, this blog..... but I finally feel as though I'm on the mend and have rediscovered some of my old joie de vivre.
However, picking up the pieces again has highlighted just how far I've drifted... I'm shocked to discover that in the whole of this year so far I've written only 19 blog posts.


Compared to 2009, when I managed a frankly gob-smacking 284 posts, that's paltry.

This December my blog will be 10 years old, the same age as Small Dog.  It hardly seems possible that I've been doing this for almost ten whole years and have clocked up 1492 posts!

However, blogs are going to the wall in droves.  There are a handful of blogs which I make a point of seeking out and reading every week.  Of these, two have recently been mothballed and I feel a bit bereft.  

Of course, the original raison d'ĂȘtre for this blog was to document my projects, and provide an insight into what I do.  Inevitably, over time, it's become a bit of a confessional, as well as an opportunity for whimsical flights of fancy.  It's telling that this year, most of my posts have been purely functional, as my creative writing muse has taken a lengthy sabbatical.  I just haven't had the heart to write anything amusing.

I'm determined to make it to the 10th anniversary... I feel that I owe it to my blog, which has become a comfortable (if somewhat neglected) old friend.

As to what happens after that.... I haven't decided yet.  


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