Sunday, 26 November 2017

It's curtains........

In the words of Granny Weatherwax.... "I Aten't Dead".

Although there were times over the past month when I felt it might be a viable option.  However, a course of antibiotics, mega-strength steroids, a bronchial inhaler and enough over-the-counter cough syrup and lozenges to fell a horse later I'm finally back to what passes for normal.

Sadly however, almost 4 weeks of being poorly has seriously derailed my miniature Christmas ambitions and I've had to jettison several pages of 'To Do' lists, most notably working on the range of Christmas miniatures I had planned. 
So, later this week I will belatedly be updating the website with a small but select batch of festive minis.


In other news, while I was being Camille on the sofa for several weeks, PP got stuck in and re-decorated the main bedroom.  Long time readers of this nonsense blog may remember that three years ago we were on the cusp of doing it, and the reason why we have continually baulked at the job ever since.  

Well... no more.  The bedroom is now re-painted, and the problem of the behemoth wardrobe neatly solved by resorting to my original suggestion of painting around it.  

PP pooh-poohed this entirely sensible plan when I first mooted it several years ago, but I am used to having my sagacity ridiculed so I have patiently bided my time, confident that eventually, when all other options have been thoroughly explored and dismissed, my plan would be revisited and found to be brilliant.

And lo it has come to pass.

Of course, when we eventually move house we will either have to sell the wardrobe with it, so that it remains in situ, set fire to it, or break it up so that we can get to the back and quickly repaint the wall.  Either solution is fine by me as by that time we'll be long past caring what happens to it.

So, with the redecoration complete, we now have to decide on curtains, bedding, soft furnishings, prints etc.  A few months ago we bought two new bedside lamps in a lovely soft retro green and thought it would be a snip to find stuff with a hint of a similar colour.

Sadly no.  We don't want a whole load of green in there, just a few subtle pops of it... and it has to be the same green.  We've been tearing our hair out.  Especially with the curtains.

I've spend HOURS online trawling every sodding curtain in the multiverse and there are NONE with the same green.  Not even close.  So we decided to go for a neutral instead.  

The first pair, despite notionally being the right size, when hung at the windows turned out to be too narrow.  So we had to schlepp back to the store to change them for the next size up.
These were the right size but were distinctly underwhelming and didn't do anything at all for the relaxing ambience we're trying to create... back to the store AGAIN to return them.

Back to the drawing board and further trawling of the interweb finally revealed some jaunty stripey curtains which apparently, according to my laptop screen, contain EXACTLY THE RIGHT SHADE OF GREEN.  However, although they're the right width, they're way too long, plus they've got a pencil pleat heading tape and we want eyelets.

As I'm close to losing the will to live, we've decided to order them anyway.  I can easily adjust the length and use the excess to make cushions.  I can also change the pencil pleats to an eyelet tape, just not very easily.  It will probably be a complete nightmare bit of a faff but I've watched a few You Tube videos and have identified the relevant heading tape and eyelet ring sets so I'm tentatively reasonably confident I can do it. 

As a result, we're cautiously optimistic that the room will be completely finished before Christmas.

*who am I kidding....?*

And speaking of Christmas.... we've been holding auditions for the THD nativity play....

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