Thursday, 30 November 2017

Limited Edition.......

Scene: The workroom.  I call Small Dog through from her cosy nest in the office.....

Small Dog: *yawning* Yess?  Whot do yue wont?
Me: Sit down SD.  I have something to tell you.
SD:*sits... expectantly*  
Me: I want to apologise for the things I said the other day... when you said you were retiring as Hedd of Markitten & Komewnikashun.
SD: *petulantly* Yess... wel ai doant thinc yue taik me seeryuslie enuf.
Me: *penitently* Absolutely SD.  I agree.  I'm very sorry.
SD: *sniffs* Okai.  *magnanimously* Ai fourgiv yue.
Me: And in commemoration of everything you've done in your very important role, I've been making something very special.
SD: *hopefully* Caik?
Me: No, not cake.  Something which expresses my love of you as a Proud and Noble Yorkshire Terrier.... in miniature.
SD: *suspiciously* A verie smoll caik?  In the shaip of a Yorkshier Terrior?
Me: *doggedly* No.  I already told you.  Not cake.
SD: *sighing*  Whott is it then?
Me: *brightly*  Tah Dah!!!!!!!

Me: *excitedly* Look!  Smallest Small Dog and Archimedes have helped... it's a little set of boxed toy blocks featuring vintage illustrations of the Proud & Noble Yorkshire Terrier.  That's you!
SD: *speechless* 

Me: Do you like them?
SD: Oh muurm..... thayr luvlie.  Ai kannot evin bileev yue wude do this fore me?  
Me: There's one more thing.... would you like to send a special photograph of you with each set, to your adoring fans?
SD: *importantly* Ho yess.... off korse.  Yue wil knead to brush mai hare... and maik shure yue gett mai besst syde.  Olthoe boath sydes ar kwite gude.  And flatturen lieten....  Ai kude sitt on a goaled kooshun.  Purhapps yue shude gett a profeshunal fotograffir in... 
Me: *sigh*

A limited edition of just 10 sets of these blocks is available HERE....


Catherine / Mooghiscath said...

ravie de voir que le small dog est toujours en bonne santé et en espérant que le vrai l'est aussi .

Sandra Morris said...

Bonjour Catherine....

Oui, elle va très bien merci!