Thursday, 28 February 2008

28 days........

According the little countdown gizmo I put on my computer desktop, I have just 28 days till we leave for Miniatura. Last week I felt quite in control of my time management, but today I'm starting to panic just a bit.

So to calm me down, I decided to dye some ribbons.

In order to destress, some people go for a walk, others read a book, or pour a glass of wine.

I dye ribbons.

Unconventional I agree, but it works for me.

There is something calming about starting out with a large pile of soft, white, pure silk ribbons, and transforming them into a myriad of rainbow colours.

I feel a little like an old fashioned alchemist, mixing a spectrum of potions, swirling lengths of ribbon in the liquid then rinsing and hanging them up to dry, like multi-coloured spaghetti.

So, the workroom now resembles the aftermath of an explosion in a rainbow factory.

Could be worse............

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