Thursday, 14 February 2008

Six weeks and counting............

Yet again the metaphorical dust has been steadily accumulating on my blog.

Just as the real dust has been accumulating on my toyshop.

However I can most definitely plead mitigating circumstances to explain my abject neglect of my project.

Just a few days after my last posting, I was informed that I've been accepted to exhibit at Miniatura. Cue wild whoops of delight and congratulatory hugs all round, rapidly followed by an eerie silence which settled like a lead balloon as the enormity of the task in hand sunk in.

The Spring Miniatura takes place at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, on 29th and 30th March.......THIS YEAR! Which leaves me a mere 6 weeks from now to make enough stock, redesign and build a new exhibition stand, and carry out all the inumerable tasks associated with doing a major fair.

I am sure it will work out fine, but we've been putting in 7 day weeks, 10-12 hour days since the beginning of January, and the pace is gradually gaining momentum. At this rate I can envisage sleeping under the table for most of the fair. I wonder if I could train small dog to supervise the stand while I have the odd nap. After all she seems completely incapable of surviving on less than 5 naps per hour so I'm sure she'd understand.

Anyhoo, to better illustrate my current state of mind and body....................

Captures just the right edge of surreal and manic desperation which I feel at the moment.

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