Thursday, 28 February 2008

21st Century Fox

I was standing in the kitchen early this morning, gazing out into the garden, cup of tea in hand, musing on the transience of life, when a large dog fox leapt over the fence and stood on the lawn, just a few yards away.

I gasped. He simply stood absolutely still..........and looked straight at me.

He was a magnificent specimen.........a far cry from the mangy foxes which we often see crossing the roads nearby. His coat was red and glossy, his tail lush and full. He was most definitely bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Mere seconds passed while we looked at each other..............

Then he loped off, across the steps, around the shed, up the garden, and disappeared into the deep hedge at the top of the garden.

Meanwhile, small dog was going ballistic, throwing herself at the door in a frenzy. We didn't dare let her out in case she became a foxy hors d'oeuvre.

However it does explain the foxy aroma we've detected on her.............

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