Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Ciao i miei amici........

So I am returned from foreign parts.

A pre-birthday treat to Venice which was most enjoyable, if a little cold and foggy! However the fog only added to the mysterious atmosphere in this strangely surreal city.

I've come back brimming with ideas for new projects, but they will have to wait till April before I can start on any of them.

Today is 'catch up' day..........a flood of emails and a pile of post to sort through, then I must reconnoitre my workroom to assess what needs to be done.

Apart from LOTS.

In other news, small dog is very subdued and has a mistrustful air about her. She was entrusted to two very good friends, and we know she had a lovely time while we were away, but now that we are home she seems suspicious that we might ship her off again at any minute. Normally, while I'm working at my laptop, she would be curled up on my knees, but she is resolutely refusing to be placated and has taken up residence in the porch, lying in a little patch of sunlight.

More anon...........

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