Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Carry On Working.............

Had a lovely weekend with wall-to-wall gorgeous sunshine.

Went to the Hastings Old Town Carnival with friends, watched the parade, had a scrumptious meal in an Old Town eatery, watched the fireworks then wandered round the funfair where I went on the Ghost Train and PP braved the Dodgems.
Finally back home for candlelight supper on the patio on a balmy summer's evening........

However, since then it has been solidly back to work.

Which is ok really........especially as I've been working on a batch of exotic animal pullalong toys, one of my favouritest tasks. For the past two days I've been transforming leopards, cheetahs, white tigers and Indian tigers into bejewelled versions of Victorian toys, with feathered headdresses, kaleidoscopic patterned leather saddles and crystal encrusted bridles.

The highly decorated wooden platforms in which they will stand have now been handed over to PP, who will paint the metal wheels in colour to match each animal's finery and painstakingly create the wheel assemblies, turned wooden handles and pull cords and assemble the chassis.

Hopefully the first few will be completely finished by the weekend and I'll post pictures then.

In other news, my primary task for today is tracking down various components on the internet and placing orders. Most will come from the US and will require negotiating labyrinthine websites with zillions of tiny components which will undoubtedly take AGES and make me lose the will to live, but we're running out of lots of different stuff so it has to be done.

So no displacement activity for me today.

No siree.

Absolutely NOT.


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