Monday, 24 August 2009

Thank Goodness It's Monday..........

I have never been so pleased to see the dawn of a new week.

The dearth of posts last week was due to me being in a bit of a state in anticipation of a surgical procedure scheduled for Friday, and which was described to me by the gynae consultant as being 'uncomfortable'.


Even allowing for translating into layman's terms, ie 'uncomfortable' = 'potentially excruciating' I was unprepared for just how painful it was actually going to be, despite local anaesthesia.

In fact, because I was in such extreme pain and bleeding like billy-o, it was the specialist nurse who called time and decided to abandon the procedure, while I tremblingly attempted to pull myself together, mop up my tears and await further instructions.

In my defence, I do think I have a reasonably high pain threshold. I experience neuropathic pain related to my MS practically on a daily basis. Mostly it is bearable and can be controlled with heavy duty painkillers, but from time to time it gets out of control and I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of pain. However the pain on Friday was of a whole different level, and I was so relieved when they said they wouldn't carry on.

I will have to have it done properly, but under a general anaesthetic next time, which is what I would have wanted in the first place. However when I'm unconscious they can do whatever they need to and I won't know a thing about it.

I feel almost back to what passes for normal today, but it's as if I've lost the whole of last week to anxiety and stress, and the three days since Friday to pain and discomfort.

So, definitely a week to forget.

In other news, we are looking forward to a few days away, camping over the Bank Holiday weekend. Can't wait...........I can feel the stress dissipating already.


Anonymous said...

Poor you. On Thursday you were thinking that by today it would be all over and now you have to go through it again albeit under anaesthetic.
You should have got hold of the doctor's testicles and squeezed, telling him that if he hurt you then you would hurt him worse. Might have made him stop and think.
At least you have this weekend to look forward to. Fresh air - screaming kids for the holiday weekend - packed campsite - truculent puppy when you return but the upside is the fresh air - chilled bottles - long walks - barbecues - forgetting all about work etc.
Enjoy yourself when you go.

Sandra Morris said...

There is a flaw in your otherwise damn fine plan Joyce, in that it was a woman who was subjecting me to the extremes of pain, and she was almost as upset as I was!
Camping trip is to an adult-only site, so thankfully no screaming kids. It's one of our camping friend's birthday so we will probably be making more noise than any number of kids anyway. Small dog has been on nursing duty the past few days, so she is keenly anticipating a few days away with her doggy chums and having fresh air fun :-)

Debbie said...

Sorry to hear you had to endure Pain Sandra. I had a hysterectomy when I was 38 and I have to say its been the best thing since sliced bread..