Thursday, 6 August 2009

Hotter than hell..........

It is HOT today.

Really, really, REALLY HOT.

Temperatures are hitting the low 30's Celsius, which is 90 degrees in old money.

And humid.

Boy is it humid.

So the sweat that is running down my back, having just come in from the 'surface of the sun' heat in the garden, is not evaporating.

I feel as if I am literally stewing in my own juices.

Undaunted, I've just put several beers in the freezer, in anticipation of a BBQ later when it cools down a bit.

Small Dog, having recovered from her fly encounter yesterday is lying flat out, attempting to catch what little breeze there is percolating through the house.

Even the flies are grounded in the heat........

It's like that old sci-fi film (heat addled brain can't remember the name of it.........) where the earth is heading for the sun and it gets so hot that even the rubber platens of typewriters in the newspaper office start to melt.



depesando said...

The Day The Earth Caught Fire - one of my absolute favourite films, which I watch regularly - with a BAFTA winning script and superb performances all round.

The Private Members club that all the journalists use in the fim is now the Retro Bar in London - just by Charring Cross station.

Sandra Morris said...

Yes, that's the one. I remember that the ending was very ambiguous, but it was the melting typewriter platen that really stick in my mind.