Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Seems like only yesterday..........

Isn't it scary how quickly holidays fade into memory. We only came home yesterday but already it feels as though we've never been away.

Well if you ignore the wreckage of our camping trip strewn throughout the house.

Thankfully there is good old traditional, 'back from holiday, back to work' weather today..... rather dull and uninspired. It would be just awful if the sun was shining fit to bust and I was stuck inside catching up with work.

It actually feels quite strange and alien to be indoors, after spending so much time outside and I can't quite get used to it. There is never a dull moment when camping and I miss the banter of passing fellow campers, the myriad chores (fetching water, emptying waste water, communal washing up etc), the shared BBQs, party nights, shopping expeditions, checking out other people's vans, strolling around the site of an evening, admiring the colourful and innovative lighting displays currently in vogue.

The past 10 days have flown by in a pleasant blur of unhurried activity and socialising, and being back in the relative isolation of working from home is going to take a little bit of getting used to.

However, as they say, a change is as good as a rest and I'm gearing myself up to writing some 'to do' lists for August, as before I know it we'll be just a few weeks away from our next two fairs in November.

But before I start, here are two of the most innocuous photos from our camping trip.....the rest cannot be posted for legal reasons and to protect the (relatively) innocent.

Small Dog assiduously relaxing on my sun lounger, taking advantage of a comfortable cushion to aid her sunbathing

Our camping pitch complete with 'essential' equipment including fringed beach umbrellas, tripod BBQ, plethora of solar lights and party gazebo. Just the bare minimum *cough*

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Debbie said...

Your Tripod BBQ looks like a cauldron Sandra. Are you sure you wasn't cooking up a spell or two? x